Greenport Townhub is a meeting place where the town and residents engage.

The site not only provides the town with the ability to share information and town news, it’s a place where the community gets to engage with the town, share perspective on issues that are important, post photos, events and offers. In short, it is a hub where the town and residents get to share information with each other. The ability to post content to the site is limited to Greenport residents. All you have to do is log in and start posting.  It’s that easy.

If you’re organizing a tag sale, you can post your event on the town calendar for all other residents to see.  If you wake up to a beautiful sunrise, take a picture and share it.  And, if you’ve got something to share within the community, the Greenport Townhub is the place to do it.

But, the Greenport Townhub is much more.  It is where the community can find town rules, tax and building information, as well as details of local organizations and updates on road work or water or power outages.  And, local businesses can list their services and post jobs available in the town.

You don’t have to have a computer to access the Greenport Townhub, it’s designed to work on smart phones and tablets.   And, if you want you can have news and alerts emailed to you.

The site was developed, by Greenport-based communications technology startup Islay Communications.

To find out more contact [email protected].