How to Post

Quick Start

  1. Register as a new user
  2. Log In
  3. You can now post Comments on the site
  4. To post to other areas click on Profile
  5. Click on the area you want to post to:  Community Perspectives, Community Offers, Job Posting, Businesses, Events, Pictures of the Week
  6. Click on the Add New button (In Events, you need to click My Events first, then Add New)
  7. Fill in the form and upload an image if desired (Note:  Images need to be smaller than 2000 x 2000 pixels, so may need to be resized – see below)
  8. Click Submit
  9. Once approved, your post will be submitted and posted within a few hours

How to Re-Size an Image

Open a picture in Microsoft Paint or a photo resizing application.  Select Resize and chose an ideal image size of around 1000 pixels (maintain image aspect ratio), then save.  Upload the resized image you have saved.

Detailed Posting Instructions

Follow these simple steps to post your offers, events, and pictures for free and to provide Perspectives on Greenport Townhub.  In addition, you can list your business and post jobs on the site.  If you have local news you want covered in the news section, send an email to [email protected].  We cannot promise to cover everything, but will do our best.

Log In: Click on the Log In tab at the top of the page, then click Register if you have not already done so.  User names must either be first initial and last name or your actual full name so that within our community we know who we are talking to.  Complete the form with other required information.  You will be sent an email to confirm your registration and agree to our Terms & Conditions.  Please note: We will not share your information with third-parties per our Privacy policy outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

Post Content: Once you have logged in, you can post community offers, pictures and events. You can also list your business or job postings.  It’s simple to do and the process is the same for each category.  To post a community offer, login then click on Profile.  Select the category, i.e. Community Offers , in the header, then click the Add New button (right hand side of page) Post.  This will open a form for you to complete.  Fill in the details and upload a pictures following the instructions.  Add in your contact information and click Submit at the bottom of the page.  Your submission will be sent to the Webmaster, who will approve it within 24 hours and post it to the site.  Follow the same process for pictures, business and job postings.

Post an Event: Log in, click on My Events first and then Add New.  If you have a location, the Events listing system will both generate a map for the location and give you the option to have people RSVP.  Follow the instruction in the box.  Once you have clicked the Submit button, your event will be listed on the Town Event Calendar.  If you want your event covered in the Event news section – email the event details to [email protected]  Note:  We only list Greenport area events.

Share Comments: You can share perspective by clicking on articles.  Log in and add your comments to any existing discussion.  The basic rule of comments is they must be respectful of users and the town.  The Webmaster will remove posts that fail to meet these requirements.

Important Note:  The ability to post to Greenport Townhub is offered as a service to residents of Greenport.  Users are responsible for the content of their posts as outlined in the Terms & Conditions.   Residents posting to the site agree to abide by all laws that govern information posted in public or publicly accessible websites.  In addition, posts regarding businesses and job postings must adhere to applicable laws and rules governing businesses and employment.  In the event, the Webmaster is notified of content that does not confirm with laws and requirements, the Webmaster will remove the content.

If you have questions or have a problem with using these functions please contact [email protected]