The modern history of the Town of Greenport starts in 1609 with the voyage of Henry Hudson up the river which later became known as the Hudson River in honor of him.  Its Native American history extends much further into the past.  Today, with a population of more than 4,000 people, Greenport is a thriving residential community that surrounds its better known neighbor, the City of Hudson.

Greenport is home of Frederick Church’s majestic estate, Olana, one of the Hudson Valley’s best-known destinations, with its spectacular views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains.  The town is also home to the Columbia-Greene Community College.


Greenport has a rich agricultural, architectural and industrial history.  Former farms have been integrated into what has become of the its greatest assets, a conservation area of over 700 acres with many of the early and majestic farmhouses still situated nearby.  The town’s architecture includes everything from Dutch stone houses, Federal and Victorian houses, along mid-century and modern homes.  Some of the town’s unique historic buildings defy characterization, clearly reflecting the eclectic taste of some of their seafaring builders.

Like most Hudson Valley towns, Greenport has experienced many booms and busts with new industries replacing older ones.  In the past, Greenport has been home to two major cement companies due to its vast limestone supply, a matchbook manufacturer, quarries of shell marble used for architectural purposes, a punch press manufacturer and many others.  Today, it is home to fish farming, wood products, and a new generation of technology businesses.  In addition, it offers some of the best shopping in the Hudson Valley with major retailers and proximity to Hudson’s specialty shops.

At the heart of Greenport is the community and community resources, such as the Town Park with its baseball fields, soccer fields and basketball courts.  The Town Park is the location of a wide range of events during the year, including summer concerts, fireworks and community day.


With its acres of countryside and woodland walks, and proximity to the river, Greenport offers outstanding opportunities for outdoor enjoyment and activities.