Fire Department

Open House Memo 4/18/18

Your Greenport Fire Department is completely volunteer, being staffed by residents of the Town of Greenport and surrounding municipalities. It is our mission to provide fire protection, emergency response to automobile accidents and other various emergencies, both man-made and natural disasters, affecting the residents and the public that travels through the Town of Greenport. Off the fire scene, we strive to provide prevention education and other public services of a non-emergency nature. We strive to maintain the utmost level of professionalism.

History of Greenport Fire Department
The Greenport Fire Department was organized in 1927. The first station was Greenport Pumper Co. 1, which is presently located on Route 23B opposite the Cedar Park Cemetery. Station 1 carries the county identifier of 25.

Station 1

The department further expanded in 1935, with the organization of the Becraft Pumper Co. 2, which is located on County Route 14 at the intersection with Middle Road. Station 2 carries the county identifier of 26.

Station 2

The department was further expanded in 1966 to meet the needs of the growing Northern end of Town, or the Fairview Ave area. This is when Greenport Pumper Co. 3 was organized, which is the “youngest” fire company in the county. This station carries the county identifier of 24.

Station 3

Board of Fire Commission 
The Greenport Fire Department is administratively run by the Board of Fire Commission, which is comprised of five commissioners whom are elected by the tax payers. The board is also comprised of a secretary and a treasurer. Firematically, the department is led by the District Chief (Car 1), 1st Assistant Chief (Car 2), and 2nd Assistant Chief (Car 3). The Chiefs are nominated by a department election and finally appointed by the Fire Commission. Additionally, each station has 4 line officers, which include a Captain and 3 Lieutenants. Company line officers are elected annually at the company level.

Fire Department Annual Budget

Fire District Budget for 2016
Fire District Budget for 2017
Fire District Budget for 2018

Fire District Budget for 2019



Fire Chief Contact Information

Car 1: (Chief) John Onufrychuk, Jr. (H) 518-828-2578   (C) 518-378-4530

Car 2: (1st Assistant Chief) Mark Taylor (H) 518-828-7867   (C) 518-929-7144

Car 3: (2nd Assistant Chief) Thomas Shumsky (C) 518-821-6545


Our Equipment:
24-24    25-25

25-45    26-30    26-10    24-54                firetruck    26-60